Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Henna Tattoos

I decided to go with a fish theme this time >}}}}}> The blue color that can be seen a bit is from the transfer paper. I transfered some of the major design elements and then did the rest freehand. I like the koi on my palm but im not too thrilled with the waves by its tail. Ah well, live and learn. After i finished my design and it dried i sprayed it with lemon juice and sugar that i mixed and added to a spray bottle. Then Craig wrapped up my hand. Im really happy how it came out =) Ill probably glue some gems on the eyes of the fish on the back of my hand.

Craig did a great job of taping up my hand to keep the henna paste on while i slept. I also put a large sock over my hand to keep it warm. Heat helps the stain, or so ive read.

This was taken this morning after about 9 hours of having the henna paste on, its already gotten darker and will continue to darken over the next two days.

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